Our Story

Get to know the CEO and where she aims to take the brand


How it all started

EA Hair started as a side hustle which provided our CEO Ese Abigail (EA) with extra income while studying at Nottingham Trent University. Ese Abigail quickly became popular and her business sprouted with her. EA Hair was first made official in 2016 after quitting her job in Residential care for young people. EA Hair has now been running successfully for the past few years but EA is ready to take it to the next level.

EA captivated a large audience and built a large clientele for herself with her admirable talent. EA always kept up to date with the latest and trendiest techniques in the hair industry [i.e. customising and installing  naturalistic lace frontals that looks like the hair is growing out of their own scalp]. EA Loves to keep people interested with the use of video tutorials to showcase her crafting magic. EA also extended her brand by offering 1:1 Intensive training and Master classes to give others the opportunity to gain/improve their skill set as well as empowering them to pursue their dreams.

EA Hair had been a 1 woman run business for the first 2 years of being official. In 2018, Ese Abigail employed her first staff with the role as her Assistant and we aim to continue to grow and expand our team in the near future.

The only one in charge of the direction your life goes is You and God
— Ese Abigail

Philosophy / Vision

Ese Abigail (EA) is the centre of the brand and an epitome of what it stands for. EA is an enterprising individual with great admiration for empowerment, specifically empowering and challenging the young minds of today to explore their possibilities by using socio-creative talents/skill sets.

EA has decided to finally extend by helping people who need the service we provide the most, by creating easier access for them to find us. EA also aims to continue to add value to others by creating accessible forms of training programmes, whereby creating a  platform that empowers and challenges the minds of others.

Keep a look out for updates as exciting things are coming.