Intensive Lace Frontal Sew-in Class:

DURATION: 10am - 5pm


  • This will be a Watch and Learn & Hands On Session

  • You may need a note pad and pen to take notes (recommended)

  • Bundles and lace frontal will be provided

  • Equipments will be provided

  • There will be 1 Model for you to work on

  • Goodie bag/care package will be given after session


  1. How to bleach the knots correctly

  2. How to pluck the frontal for a natural hair flow

  3. How to tint the lace to match the client's skin correctly

  4. How to do an appropriate braid pattern

  5. How to correctly place, sew-in and install a lace frontal on the client’s hair

  6. How to neatly and securely stitch bundles in

  7. How to fit, cut and customise the lace to suit the client's hairline

  8. How to Install the lace frontal securely

  9. How to style the client’s hair for a flawless/glamorous finish.



(For those with non-minimal experience)

1:1 Session: £800

Pairs: £700 pp

Groups of 3: £700 pp

Intermediate Class

(For newly established stylist who wants to advance their skills Only)

1:1 Session: £700

Pairs: £650 pp

Groups of 3: £600 pp

Advanced Class

(For advance business owners i.e. Salon Owners/ Highly Established Stylist Only)

1:1 Session: £600

Pairs: £500 pp

Groups of 3: £500 pp