Who we are

EA Luxury Wigs and Hair Extension is a brand that simply seeks to bring out the best in people through hair. For us, hair is an empowering form of art and we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to express themselves, in all aspects of their lives, and their brands, through it.

Why Choose Us

What We Do

EA Hair’s very own selection of wigs and hair extensions are designed to unwrap the Elegant, Glamorous and Fearless personalities we know you all have. All of our wigs and hair extensions are made ready to wear and you can select from a wide range of colours, styles and lengths that suits you best.



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EA Hair’s products are made with our customers in mind. We only provide carefully formulated and selected products that would not only save you time and improve your life, but we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle as possible by only selling products that are tested and ethical.

Level Up

This here is EA’s newest addition. A lot of companies are thriving and have extremely high demand but do not have the team to match. At EA, we love to see people thrive and reach their full potential. For this reason, we decided to design a system that will allow companies to Boss Up, Level Up and Scale right up. This means that your company will have the opportunity to grow and increase it’s profits, while decreasing your work load by utilising EA’s team and years of experience in the industry.

We often have aspiring stylist or stylist that are seeking to expand their skills, reach out to us for training opportunities. Because of this, we decided to extend our services by creating training programmes that will take your skills to the next level.


Our Ethos is to pay attention to the things that helps to make your life a little bit easier. We are not just here to show case our talents, but we believe in using our God given gifts to help others grow. We put our customers care at the top of our priorities, along with the healthiness of their hair and appearance. We believe everything should be done in style. Everyone is created great and should have standards that allows their greatness to shine. Therefore, we hand pick the best products and continually work on mastering our skill sets, so we can offer the best of us, to help bring out the best of others.