Lace Sew in Class BOOTCAMP

Lace Sew in Class BOOTCAMP

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All our classes are beginners friendly yet also perfect for advance student who are looking to enhance their skill set. All classes are watch and hands on.

Welcome to EA Training Bootcamp.

This Bootcamp is a perfect opportunity for you to perfect a new craft while having a mentors support for an extended time period. 

The Bootcamp will last for 6 weeks. Training will take place once a week for 6 weeks.

The training

Your training will take place at:

EA Hair

Melissa Janes Salon Academy

5 Bolton Street



 We also offer online live classes if you prefer. Simply request this option before booking your class.

Choose from: Lace closure or lace frontal wig class & 1:1 or group class



Module 1 - Consultation:

  1. How to cover a comprehensive Consultation with a client and what it involves
  2. Best way to record details from Consultation
  3. How to prep for the appointment with the information the client has provided.

Module 2 - Prepping The Lace:

  1. How to cover a comprehensive Consultation with a client and what it involves
  2. How to bleach the knots correctly
  3. How to wash the frontal properly
  4. How to pluck the frontal for a natural hair flow
  5. How to tint the lace to match the client’s complexion

Module 3- Install:

  1. Choosing the most appropriate braiding pattern for the style
  2. How to safely braid her hair as the base of her sew in.
  3. How and where to place the lace for upmost security.
  4. How to fit, cut and customise the lace to suit the client's hairline
  5. Best sew in technique
  6. How and where to place the bundles to sew in using the flip over method
  7. Ensuring the security and flatness for a seamless install

Module 4- Styling:

  1. Deciding a hairstyle with the client
  2. How to section the hair before styling
  3. Choosing the correct tool to help accomplish client's chosen style
  4. How to style the wig for a flawless/glamorous finish

Module 5- Client Care:

  1. How to maintain their new hairstyle.
  2. Best maintenance products.

Module 6 (VALUE MOUDLE) - Content:

  1. How to take pictures that can be used for future advertise
  2. How to take captivating video content
The training will run from 10am - 5pm per day.
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