Lace Tint Salon Pro Full Set for lace wigs

Lace Tint Salon Pro Full Set for lace wigs

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EA ‘Mist Tints’ - a solution for perfect lace blend.

Our lace tints are created to match the white or lighter lace to your caramel tanned - dark skin.

EA lace tints are specially formulated and highly pigmented and rich in colour.

Our choice of a misty sprayer bottle allows a perfectly even distribution to your lace. It's widened spray coverage allows a large area of the lace to be covered with just one pump. It's airless nature allows the prevention of contamination.

To ensure the longevity of the product, EA lace tints are infused with antibacterial properties - i.e. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil. 

Choose from 4 different shades to perfectly match your skin tone- Caramel, Light Koko, Koko Brown, Dark Koko If your match isn't in our collection, our tints are build-able, just mix with one of our other shades to get your perfect match.

The colour works best on a blank / neutral canvas (i.e. transparent, beige or brown lace). Avoid using grey / green tinted lace as the tint will mix with the lace colour. Please ensure you have a high quality lace as tint may not work as desired.